Selling Your Home? Don’t Forget The Garden

Selling Your Home? Don’t Forget The Garden


When it comes to selling your home, having an impressive garden is a huge selling point and so it is important not to neglect its presentation before you market your property. 


With outdoor space a premium, sprucing up a garden can make selling your home easier and quicker; it can also boost your property’s value by as much as £45,000. By designing a dedicated entertainment zone or re-decking a patio, your stylish garden might be the winning feature to entice buyers in for a closer look or close your sale for the right price. 


This article offers tips on how to make your garden an attractive feature before you come to sell in order to maximise your success when it comes to marketing your property. 

Attract buyers instantly 


When you’re trying to sell your property, making that great first impression is key and you’ll want to make the garden a selling point from the start (and this applies at any time of year). Even if the property market is uncertain, with a little home investment and some clever staging, your aim is to achieve the sale price you’re after and win over prospective buyers. 


With this in mind, improving your garden to wow in early viewings is vital. For many home buyers, remember that a garden is a must-have rather than just a nice-to-have feature. In which case, it’s valuable to ensure that your garden and outdoor living spaces show buyers that they’re impeccable and ready for year-round use. 

Get creative with dedicated zones


In the UK, outdoor living has become increasingly popular in recent years and the pandemic accelerated this trend. Having access to outdoor space provides a place to relax, entertain, and enjoy fresh air without leaving home. Even during the colder months, having a garden for eating outside or that additional liveable space is considered to add value to your home and attract buyers. 


Homeowners lucky enough to have their own patch of outdoor space are no doubt aware of the relaxing benefits of a garden and the merits of selling that all-important outside-all-year lifestyle. Having a pretty pergola, for instance and a neatly decked patio not only looks good, it transforms your garden into various functional and practical zones. 


By adding a few accessories and staging your garden zones, potential buyers will quickly see the opportunity is there to enjoy an alfresco lifestyle at any time of year. For example, a pergola or gazebo are popular additions for a patio or outside areas that provide shelter from the weather and extend your home’s living space. What’s more, there are numerous ways you can get creative with designs and stylish installations to upgrade them, such as retractable garden awnings that create shade and shelter from rain. Even as autumn and winter approaches, today’s buyers want to maximise time spent outdoors, and your well-designed garden highlights that outdoor living is possible beyond the summer. 

Impress with an attractive focal point

Your property’s instant appeal relies heavily on the design of your front, back and side garden aspects. A striking front garden and appealing entrance way makes a bold first impression during viewings and boosts your home’s overall aesthetic appeal. 


With a show-stopping front garden, your home stands out from the neighbourhood and boosts your property’s desirability in comparison in the street. It shows off your design tastes and creativity before potential buyers make it through your front door. If the outside spaces look shabby, build a central focal point like an archway, trellis or arbour that instantly draws in the eye. Enhance the sides with vibrant plantings in a cohesive colour scheme for maximum impact.


You can also create a focal point using hardscaping. A winding front walkway made from stone, brick or pavers leads visitors on a journey to your front door. Water features like fountains and ponds work wonderfully to grab attention in garden beds. If you have a pergola or a gazebo, consider switching up their locations to make them a feature at the entrance to your garden. If you have a structure already in pride of place, add climbing plants and luscious greenery to create drama and draw attention to your stand-out garden. 

Light up and heat your outside space


With the right mix of lighting and heating, your garden becomes a versatile four-season spot. Spend more time outside relaxing or entertaining regardless of the time of day or weather. Get creative with functional and ambient lighting and heating to maximise your enjoyment of the space. String lights or lanterns hung from the pergola beams create a magical ambiance for evenings outdoors. The soft glow enables you to continue lounging or dining under the pergola even after sunset. Outdoor pendant lights over seating areas also provide perfect illumination for late nights.


For the colder months, fire pits, blankets and patio heaters extend time outdoors even when temperatures drop. If you’re keen to design your fire pit keeps you warm outside and looks inviting. Surround it with cosy seating and you have an instant outdoor living room. Sip wine and gather with friends around the flickering firelight. Hang outdoor curtains or shades on the pergola to help contain the heat and add visual interest.

Add stylish furnishing to complete the look

With some clever styling, you can maximise your garden’s appeal and achieve the best possible sale price. And once you’ve got your garden looking how you want, you’re likely to enhance it further with decorative additions and practical furniture. 


With your outdoor space having the potential to be a relaxing sanctuary and an exciting, fun entertaining zone. With some thoughtful furnishing choices, you can transform your patio, decking or a dedicated garden space into a gorgeous alfresco setting.


You don’t have to spend a fortune upgrading current furnishings, just paint them or invest in some quality furniture and accessories in natural, timeless materials like wood, wicker and weather-resistant fabrics. If you really want to sell the dream alfresco garden lifestyle, try and make your seating options look comfy, clean and stylish. 


You can try and be a bit different by adding outdoor sofas and relaxed loungers. Sturdy, stylish dining sets set the space as an entertainment zone to make your garden look great for outdoor meals and entertaining. Throw in some plush pillows and cosy throw blankets to create a welcoming vibe. Outdoor rugs in natural fibres can define spaces and add visual interest. With the right furnishings and accessories, your outdoor area can provide the perfect escape for relaxing and connecting with nature, friends and family. 


If you’ve made the decision to sell your property, remember that your garden is a unique selling point. Having functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces ticks a lot of boxes for today’s house-hunters looking for flexible outdoor space. 


Just by selling the dream alfresco lifestyle and showing that your garden offers this, can be a real boost when it comes to marketing your home. With some creative changes, that standout garden offers a  lifestyle, an all-year entertaining space or a personal garden retreat for relaxing in.  

Written By Annie Button